Talvez Não Haja Nada AquiProjeto

Talvez Não Haja Nada Aqui
Formato: Curta Metragem
Duração: 00:12:00
Público Alvo: Jovens e Adultos
Estado: Em Concetualização
Sitting among her own shipwreck, surrounded by strange outer
space life forms, Rizz is catatonic. Until she sees Carla.
Carla's self-confidence, and the guidance she receives from her
small radio, guide them both through an unrecognizable, hostile and
indifferent world. Rizz depends on someone very different from herself to
accomplish a mission she doesn't understand. As space shifts frustrate
them and Carla's predictions fail, her faith crumbles.
Alone in this world, the probability of finding what they seek is
Estúdio: AIM Creative Studios
Realização: Natalia Azevedo Andrade
Argumento: Natalia Azevedo Andrade
Países: Portugal