The Iaiá MarketProjeto

The Iaiá Market
Episódios: 12
Duração: 00:11:00
Técnica(s): Digital 2D
Público Alvo: Infantil
Estado: Em Progresso
The Iaiá Market is a 2D animated series. It features Bri, a rambunctious 11-year old girl who, after being dropped off for the weekend, goes with her grandpa to sell junk at a flea market. Besides screeching vendors and waves of tourists, the market is home to a community of really small creatures, the Pewtiscaroodlers, that only Bri knows about. Bri must shrink down to the Pewts' level in order to help save the market from her Dad while also dealing with her own personal conundrums. All of this before classes start on Monday!
Realização: Cat Azevedo
Países: Portugal